Author: <span class="vcard">Jason Postma</span>

We are still in the first quarter of 2019 and the housing market and experts are still trying to figure out what will happen with the real estate market this year.  Buyers and sellers are looking at lower prices in some areas whereas others are experiencing a shortage of houses on the market.  How does all of that affect you when the time comes to sell your property?  If you need to sell quickly because of divorce, finances, a new job or any other reason there are some trends that you should be paying attention to as they will affect your selling price.

Slow Start

Markets tend to be slow this time of year, but as the temperatures climb so do housing prices.  Spring is generally one of the better times of year to list your house, renters and first time buyers tend to start looking in the spring so they can move into a new home in the summer months.  Families don’t want to move during the school year but they will start looking around April.

If you can wait to list until then it can help you get a better price.  Wages have also gone up and interest rates have remained fairly low which helps the housing market.  There are state and federal tax programs that help first time buyers get into a new home.  All of that is good news for sellers looking for a quick sales in today’s market.

Fewer Houses on the Market

This is a great time to sell your home as there are fewer homes on the market up for sale.  The economy is still doing relatively well in Georgia and that gives buyers the confidence they need to finally buy their first home.  So if you are planning on selling you stand a much better chance of getting a good price, even if it is not the ideal time of year or you need to move quickly.

Millennials are Finally Buying

Since the last economic crash there has been a bigger trend towards renting rather than buying.  Millennials were hesitant to get into home ownership but that trend is finally starting to change.  Renters didn’t want to repeat the mistakes of the past and did not want to get into mortgages that they couldn’t afford.  Now they are looking for a home to call their own, that can help you sell your home quickly.


In most places across the country both buyers and sellers can benefit from having a good realtor on their team.  Choosing the right realtor for you can make a huge difference in the process of buying or selling a house.  Your house is likely to be the single biggest financial asset you ever have so it makes sense to have someone that is on your side looking after your interests.  Let’s look at what goes into making a good realtor.


Real estate is a challenging industry and if you find a realtor that has survived the good and the lean times is a testament to their skills.  Skills like negotiating develop over time and a real estate agent who has been in business for a while has done so by professional skill and putting their clients’ interests first.

Local Agent

A local agent understands the neighborhoods and properties in the city in which you are searching for a house.  They have connections within the community including other agents, trades people, attorneys and mortgage brokers.  They understand the pricing in the market place along with other considerations such as where the best schools are and which neighborhoods are up and coming.

They are Licensed

Each state has requirements for licensing agents and brokers and a licensed realtor needs to demonstrate their knowledge and pass several exams in order to get their license. This is what separates the pros from those just looking to take your money.  You can check with the Georgia Secretary of State to find out if your realtor has a license or any disciplinary action against them.

They Know How to Market Your Home

Real estate has changed a lot in the past decade and now smart realtors know how to use the internet and social media to market houses.  If you are selling it gets your house in front of more buyers and if you are buying it helps you narrow down your search to the type of house you are looking for.  Any agent you work with needs to know how to market your home.

Talk to Former Clients

Former clients are a great source of information about a realtor.  Were they happy with the service and did they feel like the realtor listened to and addresses their concerns?  Would they recommend the realtor to their friends and family?  You want a realtor that is going to aggressively act on your behalf to make sure you get the best deal you possibly can whether you are a buyer or a seller.


The city of Atlanta has had a consistently strong housing market for years now, and that doesn’t seem to change. If you are in search of a perfect place for investing in a new home, then you must consider one of the following cities in Georgia.


Smyrna city is located to the North West of Atlanta, in Cobb County, Georgia. It falls within the inner ring of the Atlanta metropolis. For some time, Smyrna has been at the top of the real estate business. It is precisely known to be attractive to young buyers. Smyrna’s appeal to the young generation is mostly considered to emerge from the development of SunTrust Park.

Between 2015 and 2016 alone, the median home sale price jumped from $292,000 to $320,375. By 2015, a home remained in the market for only up to 45 days, a sharp improvement from 50 days the previous year. This puts Smyrna at the very top of the real estate business.


Chamblee city sits in the Northern DeKalb County, which is to the North East of Atlanta. Chamblee is the second most lucrative city for real estate in Georgia. The city is known for its vibrancy and international flair. The rebuilding of the General Motors Assembly Plant in 2017 significantly attracted more business into the city. This led to a rapid influx of population and increased average income, hence increasing the demand and prices in real estate. If your real estate venture targets the business class, then Chamblee is the right place for you.


Located in Forsyth County in the metropolitan areas of Atlanta, Cumming’s Water Park and Fairgrounds are attractive to young families. It is also known to be the home for some of Georgia’s greatest schools, which has also contributed significantly to the high influx of high-income families. The City’s median home sale price, which stood at $284,177 in 2015, shot up 8% to hit $307,725 in 2016.


This city is located in Fulton County, within North Central Georgia. It hosts world-class dining, top-class concerts, and very extensive parks and outdoor recreation. The median home sale price in Alpharetta rose to $384,475 in 2016 from $366,250 the previous year.


Within the city of Atlanta itself, there are three leading housing markets. They are Grant Park, Reynoldstown and West End. These areas are known for their beautiful neighborhoods, excellent school districts, and scenic community parks. They are also home to vibrant shopping and entertainment districts.
All these cities have continued to show high growth prospects, and the housing sector is expected to exhibit higher growth in the coming years.


Buying or selling a property on your own can be done but it is an ordeal that would be made a whole lot easier if you had a real estate agent on your side.  Real estate agents commissions may seem high and that is why most choose to try it on their own first, but real estate agents more than earn their money.  Real estate transactions are rarely simple and these are some of the common mistakes that happen when you sell on your own.

Determining the Price

Do you know how to look at the comps and set the right price for your house?  An agent not only has access to that information but know how to price to sell.  Whether it is to create a multiple offer situation or just to move it quickly they have the right strategy.  If you are a buyer then they can help you find homes within your budget, rather than you wasting time going through hundreds of listings.

Helping You With Mortgage Options

Most people don’t look beyond their own bank when it comes to getting a mortgage whereas a real estate agent can put you in touch with a mortgage broker who can give you options for financing your home.

Having the Home Inspected

If you are moving to a new town and looking for a house an agent can help you get into the right neighborhood.  They also make sure that there is a home inspection done on the property and will advise you not to buy if the house isn’t structurally sound.

Negotiating on Your Behalf

Agents negotiate for a living so if the other party has an agent, then they are in a better position than you are.  The opposing agent can and will exploit your lack of knowledge when it comes to real estate.  It is their job to negotiate the best deal possible for your client.  If negotiating isn’t your strong suit then you could potentially lose thousands.

Agents Don’t Show FSBOs

When your home is listed with an agents, other agents will also show your home to home buyers.  It is like having all agents working for you at once.  However when you sell on your own your “For Sale by Owner” property will be completely ignored.  They have no incentive to show your property to their client base so your home will be ignored by every realtor in town.

Impartial Opinions

Your home has sentimental value to you, it doesn’t to your realtor.  You can ignore the flaws in your property because you have good memories there, whereas your realtor won’t.  The will tell you exactly what you need to do to your property to get the best price possible.

A real estate agent is invaluable when it comes time to buy or sell a home, you will have a much easier time with the whole real estate transaction when you have one on your side.